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Thursday, December 9, 2010

Family and Business

Hello everyone! Hope you are all doing well! We really wish we have better news each time we log in, but it seems as though life throws more our way each and every time. We have been struggling so much within the family with severe illness, and we are only getting new word of more illness. We are still in shock that all of these things can actually happen all at once within one family, but have definitely been proven that it is possible! Thank God that we are a close family, because without that we would all just fall apart, even though sometimes even that is hard to not do under these circumstances. We believe strongly in the power of prayer! We have seen it work miracles with our own eyes!!! When will things get back to normal seems to be the question we ask on a daily basis, but always come to the reality that things will never be back to normal, and we must just accept that.

Well, moving on to a much happier note :) Due to all of this, we have not stopped our business "Tickle your Fanci" We are still very much involved and stay very busy with it! I you have not yet checked out our shop, we invite you to come check it out @ 
Remember, Christmas is just around the corner!! We have lots of things that would be perfect gift ideas and they are all hand made/hand crafted :)  Have an awesome day all!!!

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